Quality principl:
1,Quality work three non - Principles: do not receive substandard products, not to produce substandard products, non - delivery unqualified,
2,Quality problems do not pass the principle: can not find the cause of the problem, do not let go, can not find the responsibility of the problem,do not let go, the problem is not dealt with, do not let go, the problem is not solved, do not let go.,
3,The principle of quality problems of malicious violation of concession process does not budge, unauthorized adjustment process and formulation does not budge, the malicious hinder the quality management work of the concessions, to conceal, steal, steal the unqualified products do not, to sabotage or do not give false.
Quality Certification & Audit history
  • BSCI
  • TCB
  • ROHS
  • CE